Brutal elegance

Or should that be ‘elegantly brutal’?  Both are good, I think.

Leather clad femdom whip and boots oh yum yum
That’s a relief.  I thought she might be cross.

Southern belle dominatrix
Women always appreciate a compliment.  Quick, try another.  She might even take one of the weights off.

Schoolgirl caning - but the other way around
I don’t know why they have those canes with them, though.  I suppose they don’t realise that corporal punishment has long been abolished in British schools.  Poor things – they must have been so worried!

Femdom wife in control
Well, this is going well.

Wife loves your new secretary or she will
Later, when his new secretary moved in with them, the ladies found a way of making doubly sure.  So that’s all right.

0 thoughts on “Brutal elegance”

  1. He still has much to teach them. They will learn how to put a five bar gate in red how weals across his bottom. They will learn how to illicit screams of pain from a young man. Femsup

  2. Goodness Femsup, this is weird. It's like you have a time machine. Here I am, Servitor in 2012 reading a comment left in 2020. You'll have to tell me some time who won the 2016 US election – I don't suppose it was really Anne Hathaway, but you never know. Fingers crossed! Not that we here in the European Union are much concerned about what happens in the US.

    Thanks for coming all the way back here and commenting. I think this new blog's going pretty well!


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