Smack addiction

I’ll admit it, I have one.

Branded with pride
How can you resist those eyes?  Go on – it’s only agony.

Boot cleaning fetish fetish
He’ll soon discover that she plans to satisfy his chastity fantasy in a rather literal way too.  Well… when I say “soon”, I mean he’ll discover that over a period of several months.

Caned for future misbehaviour
Of course, she knows it’s all superstitutious nonsense really.  But it’s better to be safe than sorry, don’t you think?  You never know – there might be something in it.

Schoolroom femdom
So…just in time to spend the rest of the lesson being beaten for being late.  Perfect timing, really.

Dominatrix delight
But she does them a small kindness by blindfolding them first.  It does give them just a few more seconds before they realise what’s about to happen, and start screaming hysterically in fear.

0 thoughts on “Smack addiction”

  1. i'd give everything to be owned by Rory Gilmore/Alexis Blediel, cant get enough caps with her!

    have you seen Anne Hathaways new cropped do she had to get for a part?

    i was thinking you could do a cap where she hates it and his having her sissy cuckhold's sack snipped to take out her frustrations!

  2. What a splendid idea. I shall have to go and Google Anne Hathaway and "crop".

    Actually that very concept is so stimulating I might need to go and lie down for a while, come to think of it (if you'll pardon the phrase).

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