Lessons in love

….with punishments if you fail any of the tests.

Lesbian pony play
Now it’s getting towards summer, the days are just right.  A little chilly perhaps, but as the sunlight stretches out into the evening, a day trotting through the hills just seems to last forever.  Don’t you think?

Bad slave
There comes a point at which humiliation and degradation just don’t work any more.

Very professional domination
She loves to bind him tightly in desperately uncomfortable positions, so he can gasp out the scientific names of the each of the muscles that she has placed under agonising strain.

Kiss the hem
I think therefore I serve.

Anne cuts you short
That was a bit of luck, wasn’t it?

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  1. Yes, Anne and castration are both wonderful, aren't they? Apparently I'll be getting one of them for my birthday! Can't wait to find out which…

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