Beaten. Into submission.

You know, the pageview stats tell me that I should have the phrase “femdom captions” in the title of every post.  Maybe next time.  Femdom captions.  Say it loud and say it… frequently.

Female supremacist politics
Well, someone has to sort it out.

Other world kingdom - oh yes
First day in the OWK… always a bit difficult.
Whats a penectomy here or there between friends
It’s really none of his business, so I think he should just try to sneak quietly off and get on with his chores.

Lick my shoes you worm...and other femdom tropes
Not yours, obviously.

Orgasms for effort
The worst thing is, she doesn’t actually have any gold stars.  She just has to remember.  And you know what her memory’s like…

0 thoughts on “Beaten. Into submission.”

  1. Love the first one! Bags Lobby correspondent…

    (And I like the cloud – it's like a pick-and-mix of merciless women where you're never quite sure what you're going to be given!)

  2. Oh just love the one dealing with forbidding male
    suffrage'… properly replaced with male SUFFERING!

    As for pathetic george… of course he should silently mince away unnoticed, so that these two Superior Females can enjoy each other's delightful company without the impertinance of vile male presence.

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