The thwack of willow on leather

Ah yes, now there’s a sound to cntemplate.  The summer is finally approaching.  Time to travel to the UK, for some of those traditional English village pasttimes.  I mean cricket, of course.  In the meantime, here are some captioned images of female domination.  Again.

Femdom girlguides
It’s amazing how many cookies they sell though.  This man bought more than 10,000 boxes last year.

Beg nicely now
Doesn’t she look sweet and fun-loving?  Half right.

Femdom entrapment no less
Getting quite crowded down there.

Nows your chance slave
She’s very reasonable, don’t you think?

Real man really?
It’s best not to get all hung up on definitions.  Man.  Slave.  Sissy.  Doorstop.  None of them are really the real you, so why not just be all of them as yourself?

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