Just a few captions I tossed off this morning

Sorry, I think there might have been some punctuation missing there.

Jessica likes girls and likes pain
Contempt.  Indifference.  Marriage.

Slave cage time
I expect you’ll be able to work out why.  After all, you’ll have plenty of time to think.

Mysteries of the male orgasm
That’s a little unfair.  Let’s not forget production of a few dribbles of something that looks like snot and tastes horrible.  Ah, ’tis a magical thing the male orgasm.  If I remember rightly, anyway.

Femdom caption now with added search terms
I like the way she tries to motivate you not to let him bite off your cock or testicles by telling you she’ll be cross if he does.

Strict disciplinary hearing
It’s just a lot quicker that way.  You’re graded on a scale of F to F-, by the way.  Best of luck.

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