Turning the other cheek

Oo-er sounds a bit rude, don’t you think?  It has often struck me (oo-ERR!) how often random Google searches for words and phrases about punishment and humiliation lead to religious sites, as well as to bdsm ones. I wonder why?  Anyway, penance is due so on with the divine scourging:

Fetch the cane
Words fail me.  Probably just as well.

Femdom army oi oi oi
I love it when you start up a fight…and I love it when the fight ends your way.

Transfer payment
Always carry the card.  You never know when you’ll meet a knife-wielding man-hating psychopath in a rubber dress.

Judicious punishment
The impossibly divine Ms Darla.  She doesn’t have to actually do or say anything.  The look is enough.

Orgasm denial is easy
She’s amazingly good at orgasm denial, actually.  She can keep it up for months.  Maybe longer!

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