Gently does it

Let me just – ouch – try to settle myself back in this – oooh! – chair, and I’ll just see if I can get some pictures to put up.  Sorry.  With you in a moment.  Just a bit battered and bruised.  Thank you, Miss Black.

Ouch.  Right then.  Got some captioned images here somewhere, lovely fresh ones, ah here we go:

Get the pain with the strain
It’s actually a rhetorical question.  I’m not even sure there is a right answer, but believe me “Because they’ll be ripped right off and I’ll be left castrated in agony you evil bitch!” isn’t it.

Injection of humour
Just for Paltego.  He da man.

Orgasms are just vulgar anyway
Isn’t that special?

Occasionally I wonder whether anyone reads these bits wibble wibble lampost
Phobias are funny things, aren’t they?

Yo ho yo ho
Kindly humiliation – an underserved niche in the femdom market, I’ve often thought.

0 thoughts on “Gently does it”

  1. Thanks Servitor! That's such a great image (as I've blogged previously), and with a nicely appropriate caption.

    Not sure I've ever been called "da man" before, but I'm certainly not complaining.

    Hope you're enjoying your bruises.


  2. Thank you both, for your comments and also from the links from your sites.

    Getting comments and traffic makes me feel quite proud of myself. It is lucky there are ladies around who are prepared to deal with these feelings.

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