Gently brutal

Cruella 1980s heady days
Consent: it’s the most important word in BDSM.  Of course Jane will usually say it’s OK – but you should always, always ask.
Small penis humiliation again
And yet they’re too small for her boyfriend.  What a waste.

Denied thrice
I quite enjoy the occasional onesome.  It’s just the beating afterwards that bothers me.  In fact, I’m reporting tomorrow, so maybe I should watch what I say.
What a way to earn a living
It’s sad that there are still so many people in the economy who have to do such disgusting things for a living.  Still, quite a lot of investment bankers have now moved on to other careers, like our friend in this picture. 

Nullified by Raoul
Men understand men, you see.  She’d never have thought of that.


0 thoughts on “Gently brutal”

  1. Finally Females are realizing twosomes are only satisfying among equals — and males are so inferior they'll never be used for sex again.

  2. the threesome to not even a onesome for quite a while – is genius!
    thank you

  3. You're very kind. I'm often put to bed early, and lying there with mittens and a hood, cock safely locked away, there's little to do but think up this sort of nonsense.

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