I stand corrected

Frequently.  But not as frequently as I’d like.

Well, lookie here.  It’s more of those captioned images of female domination.

Ahh…Madame Sarka, formerly of OWK.  Icy.  Powerful.  Sexy.  Raises traffic here by about 20% every time I put up a picture of Her.

Remember what happened on Tuesday?  You will.

Actually, some women do prefer bigger penises.  In fact, I knew one who had quite a collection, all arranged neatly in order of size in a drawer in her bedroom.  Every one told a story, she used to say.  It’s good to have a hobby.

It’s not such an unfit lifestyle, though.  She likes him to go jogging in the mornings, too: out of the house, down the lane, across the six-lane motorway, over the high speed railway line and back, three times before breakfast.

Some people have a natural authority.  You can tell just from one look that she has it, can’t you?

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