Elegant brutality

Or should that be ‘brutal elegance’?  Anyway, on with the show.

OWK lady whipping a slave - now that's orihginal
For the first few days, he wondered when he might start to get used to it and not to have to cry himself to sleep in his cell each night.  But somehow it never happened.

Femdom wife, malesub husband, all is well.
“Free time” indeed!  There’s “service time” and there’s “wasted time”, and the difference between the two can be made painfully clear. 

It’s actually not a bad idea to get used to the taste of her trannie slave. I won’t tell you why just yet…

He loves it really.
It’s amazing how long these old guys can last, too.  He’s been in and out of consciousness a few times, but even at this advanced age, he can still scream and beg her to a mighty fine orgasm.

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