Domesticated bliss

Images of slavery, beatings, forced labour, sexual humiliation and incarceration.  In short: marriage and other scenes from domestic life.´╗┐

Schoolgirl dommes tidies up.
At weekends she makes sure the lawn is mown and the gravel path raked, too, before supervising the ironing.  Such a good girl.

Wife prefers you to do the chores
It’s a bit unfair.  I mean with that metal thing in place, nothing was going to happen anyway.  Still – best not to argue, I expect.

Belt off, trousers down and a domestic spat solved.
Sometimes its best to just have these things out as soon as you can, rather than let them fester.  They can always discuss it in more depth, when they get home, too.

Laboured to death.
And because she just likes zapping him from time to time.  She’s determined to try out level 20 before…er…before he ‘goes away’ like all the others.

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  1. Great top photo. I always like pictures of naked or semi-naked husbands doing housework. I especialy like it when their wives have thier female friends over.

    There has been af ew times that i stopped by a male friends house a nd the wife answered the door and invited me to come in and that my friend was in the kitchen. I joined him in the kitchen to find him fixing a meal or cleaning up after one. I helped him do so while his wife and her girlfriends chatted in the living room.

    This has happened more thena few times with me. And they were all normal non-sexual incidences . My friends are all very normal people.Women defintly are in charge of thier marriages nowdays

    I wish that i could say that we men had to serve the women drinks while being naked.But thats someting that still has to be a fantasy. But who knows what will happen in the future.

    I once helped a male friend cook food for , and erved drinks at a "networking" event his wife was holding at thier house. I was impressed by how confident the women were[my friends and the wife's guests were about 10 years younger then myself] . Me and my friend quietly served drinks and mainly kept in the kitchen . The women took the drinks and food from us while barely looking at us. They were too busy chatting and networking[ his wife was in banking]

    i think that more and more wives will be the center of attention at parties and more and more husbands will humbly stay in the background

  2. I should add that the "networking" party that my friend's wife held was for women in the banking business. Apparently more and more women are attending "women only ""networking" events and parties.

  3. Thank you, BOB! I am glad that males were not entirely excluded from the networking event. It's best to keep them busy.

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