Respectfully Hers

The divine Ms Hathaway about to administer a spanking
Personally, I’d argue a little longer.  Not a lot longer, my poor bottom couldn’t stand it.  But maybe just a little longer…

Schoolmistress dominatrix teaches trigonomnetry and respect
Plus, he now has a GCSE (that’s a British school qualification) in Albanian

Cattle prod humour
She just loves that cattle prod.  Best anniversary present ever.

Spanked to sense
Mars and Venus, revisited.
Sometimes she goes by different names, and dyes her hair.  So watch out.

0 thoughts on “Respectfully Hers”

  1. Mars and Venus, revisited

    A hairbrush for caning has big persuasion unbelievably, it will refresh his memory with incredible velocity so the apology will take place quickly to this wont be need for the whole weekend.

  2. Such great pics!! But the first one is properly placed… omg I'm tenting my panties from her! ­čśÇ

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