Anne Hathaway... perfection, isn't she?
Actually, the word ‘divine’ is of more recent origin in the English language than is commonly thought.  It was originally coined specifically to describe Anne Hathaway, and used properly should only be employed in that context. Have a look in a big fat dictionary if you don’t believe me, or just look at the picture at the bottom of each page of this blog.  

Lesbian lust and life on a landing
You can go out to fetch croissants when they get up.  If she gives you some money.

I expect she’ll find a way of venting her frustration and getting over it.

Frugal domme look out
And to clean it you just run a cold shower over it for a few minutes.  No need even to take it off.

Angelina Jolie dominatrix but not in that scene from Mr and Mrs Smith
I think you’re about to find out.

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  1. I can't figure out what it is about Anne Hathaway. She has such a (well-cultivated) sweet and innocent look and reputation. Yet, it is so easy to imagine her as a domme. Most of the other sweet types, not so much.

    Well, except for Mary Louise Parker; and I have your caption to blame for that.

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