It’s a good thing exhibitionism is not my fetish

Hmmm.  My stats counter says I got 50 hits yesterday, and just 2 today, when I normally get over a thousand these days (still not much, I know…tell your friends about “CtD” as I rather snappily call it).

I don’t think the ‘magazine covers’ post was quite that bad, so I put this down to the stat counter rather than you all going away and (sniff) leaving me all alone.  Locked in this cage, with my hands fastened cruelly to the bars, and a chain around my…sorry, I was miles away.

Anyway, I reckon blogger has stopped counting.  Does this sort of thing happen often?  It does feel a bit like shouting into a darkened room, without stats that work.


Oh well.  I just caption the femdom images anyway, because I enjoy it and no one tells me not to.  Might as well post them here, whatever is going on.

Captioned image of femdom wife with cane
Look at those shoulders.  Powerful, and – no, I said look at the shoulders!

rather dangerous looking schoolgirls eek
I thought of spelling out what it is they’ll actually do, but I think I don’t need to.  I mean, just look at them!  I think these two look a lot scarier than most of the leather-clad dominatrices that I often feature.

Dominatrix proposes to repeat the whole caning
Need to do a few harder-edged, less ‘funny’ captions from time to time.  The ‘I think we’d better just repeat the whole punishment from the start’ idea has always been an exciting one for me… and once my Significant Other did it for real.  I didn’t think she’d go through with the whole thing, as I thought she’d realise I couldn’t ‘take’ it.  She did go through with it, and eventually I took it too. Ow.

Wife would rather you stayed in chastity
Oh well, worth a try.  Let’s hope the person she finds for heterosexual sex is also only interested in heterosexual sex.  Otherwise things could get messy (and sticky, and really horrible-tasting too).

9 thoughts on “It’s a good thing exhibitionism is not my fetish”

  1. I like your pictures with captions. Not so much the cuckold but the femdom ones. Domestic discipline or better loving domestic discipline.

    Giving him a maintenance spanking and then some private time together in bed – yes – I like that 🙂

  2. Thank you for your kind comment. It's always good to have comments.

    Yes, I can see there would be a problem with some of the posts if you are not keen on the cuckoldry. As you'll have noticed, many of the ladies featured here do indeed enjoy domestic discipline followed by private time in bed, but not usually with the same man.

    I shall see what can be done, but of course, my influence with these ladies is limited.

  3. That harsh looking cane holder in photo #3 has it right. Heartfelt thanks are so, so important. I'm always amazed at just how much more heartfelt those thanks can become after the second or third repetition of a particular punishment. And if a fourth should be required, well my, my…talk about being "praised to the heavens". It's really quite touching.

  4. @ Servitor

    Thanks – appreciated.

    Just in case you need some inspiration:

  5. @ Lady Grey

    Very true!

    He thinks he's sorry but she shows him how much more sorry he can be after the second or third repetition of a particular punishment.

  6. Thank you for your comment, Lady Grey. It sounds as though he has much to be grateful for, when you devote so much effort to improving him.

  7. nordlicht-se

    Goodness. Thank you for the inspirational pictures. Always very keen to study devotional materials from other worshippers.

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    1. Hmmm… spammy comment but at least the product chosen has some relationship with the blog subject, so it can stay. The comments about men are a bvit out of keeping, though, as this blog celebrates male maids with black stocking, sore flesh underneath and perky attitudes.

      Maybe spambots will target their comments better, in the age of AI. Actually adding funny femdom related comments, which sadly would put the original posts to shame. We can but hope.

      Best wishes


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