From the sublime

..and I won’t complete the quote.

‘Sublime’, to me, means ‘stuff you can’t even try to describe without sounding completely gormless’.  For an example, have a look at the Anne Hathaway picture at the bottom of each page.

Anyway, on with the show.

Captioned dominatrix feeling a bit tired
It’s only fair.  She gave you a really hard beating yesterday.  And at the weekend too.  She must be quite exhausted.

Captioned image of a really sweet loving wife
I wonder what she’s thinking of?  Bet it’s something sexy.

Rebecca is a very scary femdom indeed
He’s quite right, you know.  Rebecca’s pretty scary.

Femdom caption making herself very clear
Look into her eyes.  No, stop looking at the glass of cool, refreshing water and look into her eyes.  Do you doubt her resolve?

Femdom OWK welcomes perverts
Looking down here won’t help you now, you know.  They know how to treat deviants like you at the OWK.

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