Fiction: Take me to your Mistress

An extremely silly science fiction story, for those who like that sort of thing.

“Where’s Servitor?” Mistress Valerie asked.
Sandra looked up from the picnic table where she was heating water for some tea.  “I sent him over the ridge to the stream to wash up the dishes” she replied, nodding towards a rise in the ground just beyond the field where they had eaten lunch.
Just as she spoke, there was an eerie wail and a whoosh, and the far side of the ridge lit up with a blue flash, accompanied by green beams of light stabbing up into the sky.
Mistress Valerie looked worried.  “That sounds like an unusually severe fuck-up even by Servitor’s standards” She said.  “I’d better go and take a look.”  She took a riding crop, in case Servitor needed some help getting on with his work, and set off towards the disturbance.
As she scrambled over the top of the ridge, an extraordinary sight met her eyes.  Instead of seeing Servitor diligently scrubbing plates and forks in the little brook at the bottom, she saw what could only be described as a flying saucer.  Green, about 20 metres across and pulsing with energy, it had a ramp extended down to the ground.  Near the bottom of this ramp lay Servitor, stark naked (as he had been before, to be fair) and writhing helplessly (which on this occasion he had not been, at least not yet).
Standing over him was the strangest sight of all – a grey humanoid creature, with a huge bulbous head from which tentacles emerged curling over and down from its mouth.  It had two pairs of dark, intelligent, human-looking eyes above a gill-like arrangement on its cheeks.  It was looking down at Servitor, and prodding him with its tail.
Mistress Valerie strode down towards it.  “Oi!  Leave that alone – it’s mine.” she ordered, riding crop at the ready.
The creature looked up at the new arrival and made a strange whiffling noise.  “Ah, another puny human creature!”  it boomed.  “Have you come to challenge me, earthling?  You cannot harm me, a telepathic immortal of superior intellect and power of which you cannot conceive!  Surrender now.”
“I don’t think so” Mistress Valerie replied, casually.  “Now I told you – that’s mine and I want you to leave it alone.”  She flexed the riding crop menacingly.
The creature whiffled its laugh again.  “My technology is so far beyond your silly little stick-weapon as to be beyond your comprehension, earthling!” it declared contemptuously.  “See how I inflict agony on this ally of yours with just the power of my mind!”
And its forehead wrinkled, light enveloped the struggling Servitor and he instantly flung his limbs out in all directions, threw back his head and screamed in agony.  The creature watched approvingly for a few seconds, then nodded and the light faded to nothing, leaving Servitor to collapse in a shuddering heap.
“Yeah – but he loves it really.” Mistress Valerie said calmly, gazing down at the sobbing form.  “I’ve seen it before – hamming it up.  He gets all turned on thinking about it afterwards.”
“Does he?” the alien replied, uncertainly, suddenly no longer quite so confident.  It looked down at Servitor carefully.  “So he does.  How very unusual.  Are there many like him on your planet?”
“Oh, not that many.” Mistress Valerie smiled.  “But enough to pay the mortgage, you know?”
The creature looked confused.  Then it seemed to rally itself, and straightened up decisively. “Still – “ it boomed, louder than ever “ – the time has come, earthling, for you and all your kind to surrender to the power of – “
“Did you say ‘telepathic’?” Mistress Valerie inquired, casually.
The alien looked back at Her.  “Errr…yes, telepathic.” it said.
“You can look into people’s minds and read their thoughts?” Mistress Valerie prompted.
“I can” it said proudly, drawing itself up a little higher.
Mistress Valerie took a step forward, almost touching the frontal fronds of the strange creature.  She fixed its eyes with a level stare.  Look into mine!”, She whispered.
The creature stared back into her amber eyes, its forehead wrinkled and its own eyes assumed a slightly faraway look.  It seemed a little puzzled at first, then a look of pure terror swept across its face.  Its eyes snapped back to reality, and met Mistress Valerie’s cool stare again for half a second more.  Then with a high-pitched whimper of fear and a flurry of tentacles, it disappeared up into the spaceship, which lurched off the ground with a whine of engines, and hurled itself into the sky with indecent haste.
Mistress Valerie gazed up at the fast-disappearing dot.  “I think I just saved the world” she mused.  “They should put up a statue to me.”
She looked down to the ground, where Servitor was burbling something grovelly about always wanting to put up a statue to her, and was also trying to kiss her boot.  She moved away with distaste and kicked him gently in the face.
“Come on Servitor – can’t just laze around there all day.” She announced.  “Get on with your work, or you’ll be getting a taste of my crop.”
And she cracked it down across his naked flesh, just for emphasis.  She looked with approval at the angry red welt that instantly appeared.
“Silly little stick-weapon indeed!” She snorted.  “Some creatures just don’t appreciate good old-fashioned craftsmanship.”
And as Servitor limped slowly back towards the washing up, she set off back up the ridge to see if the tea was ready.
My apologies for the way the picture does not in any way match the story, except being a dominant woman in a SF setting.  But I just had to include it…fondly remembering when as a teenager, I was delightfully surprised when the divine Rachel Welch transformed an episode (actually two episodes) of Mork and Mindy into…a formative experience for this young pervert.

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  1. Oh yes I remember at least one of those episodes. Yes the Female of the species is much deadlier than the male which was very fortunate for the world on this occasion.Femsup

  2. It was! And especially fortunate for me. Imagine being enslaved by vicious alien overlords! I'd much rather be enslaved by vicious domestic overladies, such as the lovely Mistress "Valerie" who is real but is not actually called that.

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