Brand new crop

…of captioned images of female domination, naturally.

femdom caption with nipple clamps ouch
Actually, I’ve had this done to me and I really genuinely don’t like it.  Shudder.

Im Tanya Hyde fly me!
I think I’d go gold card pretty quickly.

Definitely not an upskirt femdom image
Of course, you didn’t look, right?

femdom wife keeps him in his place
Love standing in the corner.  Hate nipple clamps.  Love corner time.

I do like the word ‘piteously’

Captioned image of an incredibly sexy nurse
This of course is Mistress Darla Kincaid, who I think is simply stunning.

Orgasm addict
Doesn’t that look fun?  Who’d be a man, eh?

5 thoughts on “Brand new crop”

  1. Yes. To look at her, you'd think she was cruel and unfeeling. But it's the thoughtfulness of that gesture that to me shows her true nature.

    Of course, once they're bent over the blocks, she flogs them until they can barely breathe for screaming. But they deserve it and I'm sure we wouldn't want her to do anything else.

  2. A kind of crime they committed? I would like to know this and the quantity of the caning because her fit of generosity cannot be appreciated without this. Did she beating all four alone?

  3. Yes, I agree. Unfortunately the newspaper report of the incident that I have, does not go into the nature of their crime, concentrating instead on a blow-by-blow account of the canings (24 strokes each, since you ask, although they each earned a few extras along the way). It must have been quite a serious crime, for them to receive such a sentence though. Impertinent eye contact with a female, perhaps, or speaking without permission, that kind of thing.

    Sergeant Adams did indeed have to beat all four of them, all by herself. She is one of those dedicated public servants whose devotion to duty keeps this country going.

  4. You are right the newspapers like to publishing bigger sensations only it may be the reason of the deficiency of the article. There are same naked boys caning in a femdom world, so it is not big news this is a customary event what occurs quasi every day. But the convicts had to receive their caning totally naked according to the regulation of the law, that somebody get the cane in socks it is rather rare.

    She may be a much acknowledged one, respected personality really if she may allow generosity like this to her.

    The punishment should fit the crime, but I believe the court or the Lady Magistrate imposes the penalty always. Does a female executive female sergeant increase the number of strokes when the convict are earning extras ones during the judicial caning? How were they able to collect penalty points altogether yet? Were they not tied on the bench or horse?

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