Sweetly mean

Captions of female domination, which need no introduction except that I’ve been told that without text, search engines won’t know that, so I’m writing an introduction. Search engines can’t recognise images.  Their loss.

Careful with that whip darling

Doesn’t she look graceful?  Doesn’t he look…what’s the opposite of graceful?  Some people think the sexes should be treated equally.  Isn’t that absurd?

Femdom caption with wife gently breaking the news that she is a lesbian
…and Jenny likes men even less, in case you were wondering.

femdom caption spanking men is good for them
Or you can go private, and get the cane instead.

femdom caption with nipple clamps too my godness
Again, surely an image to give pause to those who still believe in the equality of the sexes.

femdom caption owk on a quiet day
But of course he doesn’t know it’s a public holiday.  In fact, he has no idea whether it is night or day.

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  1. Yes, it is absurd because the men bear the pleasanter part of the process of producing babies generally. A tiny change happens here…

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