Fiction: Chopped and changed

Image of sexy masked nurse
“So what did you do?” asked Alice with interest, staring at the uncomfortable man in front of her.
Serena giggled.
“Oh” she said modestly, “just a little intra-body transplant.  Any incredibly highly-skilled surgeon could do it, if only they had the imaginative genius.”
She gently lifted his skirt.  Between his legs lay something small, and thin…and dark pink and quite moist.  As Alice watched in fascination, it curled its tip up and out towards her.
It was a tongue.
“May I?” breathed Alice, gesturing towards the displaced organ.
“Be my guest”, smiled her friend.
Alice slowly reached forward and touched the tongue.  It was wet, muscular and soft like any tongue.
“He’ll lick your hand if you tell him to” Serena advised.
Alice laughed delightedly as her hand was gently licked, like a loving puppy dog, by the little member wagging so obediently between Serena’s slave’s legs.
“So you took his penis off and replaced it with a tongue?” she said in wonderment.
Serena nodded.
“It’s his own tongue.” she said.  “All the muscles are attached as before.  Just…down there instead of in his throat.  It’s fully functional”
“You mean he can talk?” Alice asked, puzzled.
“Well, no” her friend admitted.  “We would need to combine the tongue with all the other bits for that, and those are still in his throat.  I mean it’s fully functional for oral sex – better, if anything, as it can curl right from the base now it’s not confined in his throat.”
“And you can have oral sex in the missionary position” mused Alice.  “I’m not sure I’d like that.  I enjoy having them kneel before me for sex.”
Her friend laughed out loud.
“Oh, you can still do that too!  Just in a different way.  In fact, I’m surprised he’s managed to keep his mouth closed all this time, with two attractive women standing before him like this.”
Alice looked closely and saw she was right.  The slave’s lips were bulging outwards as if something inside were swelling to push past.
“Down on your knees, and show Miss Alice what you can do.” Serena instructed quietly.
On the way home, in the taxi, Alice thought about what she had seen, and the offer that Serena had made.  She loved her husband, David, but it was true that he could be…improved.  In the Mistress/slave contract that they had signed, Alice had committed not to remove any part of his body without his free consent, a condition that David – who had a visceral fear of castration – had insisted on.  Alice, who loved the feeling of his cock inside her, had happily agreed, without a moment’s hesitation, telling him that she could never bear to have it removed.
“But the agreement doesn’t say things can’t be moved about a bit” she thought to herself happily, stroking the little vial of liquid her friend had given her to put into her husband’s drink.

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