Slavish loyalty

…it’s the best sort.

While they’re gone, the areas on your back they left free of suncream should get nicely sunburnt, so you can pass the time trying to work out what word they wrote.
Thank goodness for that.
Kevin’s going to stand up and be a man. For once.
I admire high-powered career women like her. She manages to hold time a full time job and still take care of inspecting all the housework, as well as putting a lot of time and effort into the relationship itself.
Fortunately, shrieking hysterically when subjected to even moderate CP is something I’m really good at, as every domme I have ever sessioned with can attest.
You’re special, never forget that. She won’t.

8 thoughts on “Slavish loyalty”

  1. I once had that experience as we were entertaining her boss. I can still see the disappointed expression when he reached under my apron to cup my crotch.

    I still had to spend the evening flirting with him anyway, even knowing he wasn’t interested. That was hard.

    Afterwards, Mistress was so angry with me for not being a proper man.

    It’s all so confusing sometimes.

    Mr Mouse

    1. Ah, but if women weren’t such complex creatures, where would we simple men, be, eh Mr M? Bereft, I’d say, and rudderless.

      Best wishes


  2. Love all these, dear servitor, especially number 4.

    Would love to be at that dinner party.


    1. I’m afraid I don’t know, Mr Anonymous – did he get the girl, did the girl get him? Strangers on a train, observed in a moment of fleeting contact, that’s all.

      Best wishes


  3. On second thoughts, I think I can cope with any amount of frustration while she sits there looking like that. At least she hasn’t said “corner time”.

    1. That’s good, because any amount is precisely the amount you’re getting, Melissa. And then some more.

      Best wishes


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